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An Evening of Folk Music January 12, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Cure the winter blues with an evening of Folk Music performed by February Sky. February Sky specializes in traditional ballads and Celtic tunes from England, Ireland, and Scotland, and original songs.

February Sky ( features traditional singer and Celtic guitarist Phil Cooper with songwriter and singer Susan Urban.  Phil sings and plays his own arrangements of traditional songs and tunes on six string guitar and cittern, and he also interprets a number of carefully chosen songs from the best of modern Folk song writers, as well as backing Susan up on her songs.  Susan Urban is a writer of story songs and humorous “slice of life” songs.  She accompanies her songs, plus Phil’s songs and tunes, on six and 12-string guitar, six string banjo, mountain dulcimer, and hand percussion instruments.  Phil and Susan present a combination of old and new songs and tunes, addressing the widest possible range of experience, complete with vocal harmony, intricate instrumentation and thoughtful stagecraft.  They believe that Folk Music is a continuum – whether the songs are self-penned or have a history thousands of years old, as long as they speak to the human condition and the human heart, they carry on the Folk Music tradition.  

The duo has five CDs available, “Silver Wolf Moon,” their 2017  critically acclaimed release,  along with “Ain’t No Sangin’,” an all instrumental project released in 2016, “Goldenrod,” released in 2013, their 2011 release, “Time-Honored Pathways,” and their 2007 release, self-titled “February Sky.”

Joanne Laessig, of Folknet in Cleveland, OH, said of the February Sky, “I’ve had the delight of watching two long time friends and musicians grow a duo. I’ve listened to Phil Cooper for years as part of a duo/trio/ensemble, with singing partner Margaret Nelson as the constant through all those years. Phil’s darlin’ Susan wrote wonderful songs, sang wacky and ribald songs she’d found elsewhere and became an ever more deft musician through those years. Now they’re a duo – February Sky – and the combination of Phil’s incredible repertoire of very traditional song and tune and Susan’s singer-songwriter orientation and addition of her skill with other instruments have been blended into something very different than what either had done before. Same songs, or tunes from previous repertoires… but whole different flavor. Each time I see them, what they do gets tighter, deeper, more distinctive.   ‘Course it helps that both are thoughtful, generous people who like each other lots.”

For more information, visit the February Sky website:

January 12, 2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva
102 South 2nd Street
Geneva, IL 60134 United States
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