Membership Information

Affordable Membership Options are available to both Geneva Park District residents and non-residents at two fantastic fitness centers. Choose from the Sunset Racquetball & Fitness Center or the Stephen D. Persinger Recreation Center.

Gold Membership Options

Gold Membership rates include membership to BOTH Stephen Persinger Recreation Center and Sunset Racquetball & Fitness Center.

Membership TypeEZ-Pay Monthly Plan GOLD Membership Ongoing*
(Requires a 12-month commitment)
GOLD Membership
(Paid in Full)*
Adult$30 (N/R $40)$310 (N/R $418)
Couple$42 (N/R $56)$436 (N/R $588)
Family$55 (N/R $71)$567 (N/R $765)
Youth / Senior$24 (N/R $33)$247 (N/R $336)

Stephen D. Persinger Recreation Center (SPRC)
Membership Options

Membership TypeEZ-Pay Monthly Plan SPRC Membership Ongoing*
(Requires a 12-month commitment)
SPRC Membership FEE
(Paid in Full)*
Adult$26 (N/R $35)$268 (N/R $362)
Couple$37 (N/R $47)$373 (N/R $504)
Family$47 (N/R $61)$483 (N/R $651)
Youth$21 (N/R $28)$215 (N/R $289)
Senior$18 (N/R $23)$175 (N/R $235)

Sunset Racquetball & Fitness Center (SRFC)
Membership Options

Membership TypeEZ-Pay Monthly Plan SRFC Membership Ongoing*
(Requires a 12-month commitment)
SRFC Membership FEE
(Paid in Full)*
Adult$21 (N/R $33)$210 (N/R $336)
Couple$32 (N/R $39)$315 (N/R $394)
Family$35 (N/R $41)$341 (N/R $420)
(16-17 yrs old)
$14 (N/R $21)$126 (N/R $210)
$16 (N/R $23)$147 (N/R $242)

Fitness Membership Fee Information
*All memberships require a one year commitment. An ongoing membership is a membership paid monthly using a bank debit card. A Gold Membership allows usage of both fitness centers: Sunset Racquetball & Fitness Center and Stephen D. Persinger Recreation Center. Maximum age for dependents is 23 years old for Family Memberships.

Fitness Center Usage Policy

  • Youth ages 11 and under are not permitted in the fitness center at any time.
  • Youth ages 12-15 must be supervised and in the immediate vicinity of an adult 18 years or older.
  • Members must be 16 years or older to use the fitness center unsupervised.
  • Youth ages 15 and under must be directly supervised by an adult 18 years or older when using the racquetball courts.

Transfers / Upgrades
Members who presently hold a Sunset Racquetball & Fitness Center membership may transfer to a Gold or Stephen Persinger Recreation Center membership. The remaining value of your present membership will be deducted from the new membership rate.

Corporate Membership
Corporate membership options are available at both fitness facilities. Corporate Track Pass options are available at Stephen D. Persinger Recreation Center.

For more information, call (630) 232-4501.

Park Notice:

Island Park / Fox River Trail CLOSED

Due to the high amount of rain, there is flooding in Island Park and along the Fox River Trail.  Therefore, for public safety, Island Park and the Fox River Trail will be CLOSED until further notice.

Tennis Court Renovation – Marjorie Murray Park

Renovation of the tennis courts at the Geneva High School next to Marjorie Murray Park has begun. Courts will remain closed through late August (weather permitting). During this time, we encourage users to utilize courts at Lions Park, Mill Creek Community Park, Sterling Manor Park, Wheeler Park or Harrison St. School.