Geneva Park District offers a variety of classes, leagues, and special events for all ages! Sign up now for our athletics opportunities, which build self-confidence, strengthen peer relationships, enhance skills and, most of all, facilitate fun!

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We offer classes for Early Childhood, Toddlers, Youth & Adults. Click each category to go directly to the most current registration options for all ages. Once you are on our registration page, you can refine your search.

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Search by Sport

We offer a wide range of classes & leagues for Toddlers, Youth & Adults. Click each category to go directly to the most current options for that sport. Once you are on our registration page, you can refine your search.

Leagues (Formerly Sports Spot)

Below are all of the leagues that we offer throughout the year. Some leagues vary by season. Coming soon is a list of registration deadlines according to season.

  • Basketball – Boys Grades 3-8
  • Basketball – Girls Grades 3-8
  • Basketball – High School
  • Basketball – Adult Men’s 18+
  • Esports
  • Football – Youth
  • Pickleball: For complete details about Pickleball, please visit this page.
  • T-Ball
  • Soccer
  • Softball – Girls Youth
  • Softball – Adult
  • Volleyball – Middle School
  • Volleyball – Co-Ed

Behavior Policy & Discipline Procedures

Behavior Policy: In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment, a strict discipline policy has been adopted for all Geneva Park District programs. The following policies are designed to preserve a healthy program experience for all concerned. The following infractions will constitute utilization of the discipline system that follows under Discipline Procedures.

-Harming oneself such as, but not limited to:

  • Leaving grounds without permission
  • Leaving designated group without permission
  • Climbing on objects that are not recommended by staff
  • Physical damage to self
  • Possession, use, or transfer of alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco or tobacco products

-Harming others such as, but not limited to:

  • Fighting
  • Throwing objects at or near others
  • Bringing or using weapons, i.e. knives, glass, sharp objects, etc.
  • Hitting, kicking or biting others
  • Extreme verbal abuse
  • Profanity
  • Showing disrespect to other participants and staff
  • Other aggressive behavior

-Damage to property

  • Vandalism
  • Tantrums resulting in damage to property
  • Breaking, damaging or destroying property


-Taking any item that does not belong to the child  

Discipline Procedures: Two verbal warnings will be given before becoming a first offense.

-1st Offense: 

  • A warning letter will be sent home to a parent or guardian, or the participant if he or she is an adult, to be signed and returned.
  • The parent/ participant will also be called by the Program Instructor and/or Recreation Supervisor.

-2nd Offense: 

  • Suspension — the participant will be suspended for three days following the offense.
  • The parent/participant will be notified via the phone or upon parental pick-up and a written explanation will be sent home by the Recreation Supervisor.
  • In cases when a program only meets for one day, participants will be given two verbal warnings.
  • If the behavior is not corrected after two warnings, the participant will be removed from the program.


Quick Scores

As the season progresses, you will find it easy to follow your schedules, standings, and any changes or new information regarding your leagues and upcoming events. 

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