Geneva Gymnastics Academy

For ages 12 months to 18 years

The Geneva Gymnastics Academy offers classes for all ages and skill levels, and competition opportunities through an AAU-USAG-sanctioned travel team.

Mission Statement & Objective
The goal of the Geneva Park District Gymnastics program is to have fun in a safe environment while improving the gymnasts’ muscle development, coordination, and self-esteem. The objective of the Geneva Park District Gymnastic Academy is to use the sport of gymnastics as a tool to successfully develop healthy children with positive self-images.

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Gymnastics Classes

Class Placement & Evaluations

For classes in the Junior Gym, class placement is primarily determined by the age of the child.  If your child has gymnastics experience, and you are unsure about which class is right for them, you can schedule a gymnastics evaluation. Evaluation times vary and last about 20 minutes.

Gymnastics Attire

Required attire for all classes includes:

  • Gymnastics leotards (no skirts) for girls ages 3+.
  • T-shirts and shorts (no zippers, snaps, or buttons) for boys.
  • No jewelry please.
Junior Gym

The Junior Gym is located in the Sunset Community Center, rooms 109/110. It contains scaled-down equipment and fun props designed for children ages 12 months – 10 years. View on Google

Toddling Turtles
  • 18 mos. – 2 yrs. (with parent)

These 30-minute classes are geared towards 1-year-old walkers and 2-year-old runners. They provide a fun environment in which parents can interact with their children, encourage them to be independent, and watch them grow.

Bouncing Bears
  • 3-year-olds

This 45-minute class is geared towards 3-years-olds who are ready to participate in gymnastics on their own. It will introduce children to skill progressions on bars, beam, and floor, and encourage the continued development of fine motor skills and strength.

Tumbling Tigers
  • Ages 4-5

While continuing to develop strength, agility, gymnastics skills, cognitive skills, and fine motor skills, 4- and 5-year-olds will also begin working on social/behavioral skills and following directions. This class is offered for 60 minutes of fun!

  • Ages 5-6
Gymnastics Level 1
  • Ages 6+

This 60-minute introductory class teaches fundamental skills and techniques for the four Olympic gymnastics events. Each class begins with a fun, interactive warm-up, and continues with rotations to vault, bars, balance beam, and floor. During rotations, children will practice handstands, cartwheels, rolls, bridges, and other basic skills. We will also work to increase flexibility, strength, body control, coordination, and — most importantly — confidence!

  • Ages 4-6
Gymnastics Level 2
  • Ages 6+, girls only, by invite only

This intermediate class is for students who have mastered and passed Level 1. Gymnasts will begin learning more advanced skills such as handstand forward rolls, backbend kick overs, round-offs, pull-up pull-overs, and more. Level 2 classes will continue to develop and increase strength and flexibility, as these are imperative to advancing in gymnastics.

Gymnastics Prep Level 3
  • Ages 6+, girls only, by invite only

Perfect form and basic techniques, as well as learn USAG requirements in preparation for level 3 competitive routines. Prep 3 is full of challenging skills, and focuses on achieving goals in a supportive, disciplined environment. This class prepares girls for the GGA Competitive Team.

Private Lessons
Per Person / Per Hour

Advance your gymnastics skills today. Private gymnastics lessons are available for $50 per person/per hour (N/R $70).  For more information, contact Kim Hostman, Gymnastics Coordinator, at 630-232-4542 x101 or

Geneva Gymnastics Academy

Class Placement & Evaluations

Class placement is primarily determined by the age of a child. Invitation-only classes may be restricted by student ability in order to optimize the learning experience for all skill levels. Evaluations for inclusion in these classes are necessary and last about 20 minutes.

Geneva High School Gymnastics Gym

The main gymnastics gym is located at Geneva High School, 416 McKinley Ave. Enter off Logan Street through the Mack Olson Gym entrance. Turn left at the main hallway and take the stairs on your left to Gymnastics Gym entrance. View on Google

Geneva Gymnastics Academy (Travel Gymnastics Team)
GGA Teams A & B

The GGA is the Geneva Park District’s AAU-USAG sanctioned competition team. This also serves as a feeder program to the Geneva High School. Our highly-competitive team trains year-round, and competes in five to six meets around the state during the season. The Geneva Gymnastics Academy is fun and builds self-confidence, strength, and coordination, as well as creates a sense of accomplishment and team unity. The higher the level, the more time commitment is necessary from the gymnast and their parents.  Our goal is to create a positive environment that encourages and develops confident and driven young athletes.

If you are interested in being part of our team, or would like more information, contact Kim Hostman, Gymnastics Coordinator, at or 630-232-4542 x101.

GGA Compulsory Team B Program

With progressive intentions, Team B aims to improve basics skills, flexibility, and physical ability. Compulsory levels introduce and/or present competition to both the athlete and the parent, providing an exciting and enjoyable experience for the involved families.

Optional Team A Program

Building on basics and striving for excellence, Team A gymnasts are successful in the gym and apply their learned self-discipline to all areas of life!

Geneva Gymnastics Academy Preparatory Team Classes

Is your child’s ultimate goal to end up on our GGA Competition Travel Team? Below are classes that gymnasts can progress through to reach the ultimate goal of being on our competitive/feeder travel team. Outside of Level 1 gymnastics, all other classes require a certain skill-set to move onto the next level. Each session is progressive to allow children the opportunity to grow and advance. At the end of each session, our staff will recommend future class placement. Please note: each child develops differently in gymnastics; some children will advance more quickly than others. Our staff places all gymnasts where they will be the most successful.

Path to the Geneva Gymnastics Academy:

  • Hot Shots (4-6 years) – For more advanced younger students.
  • Level 1 (6+ years) – The perfect place to start your gymnastics career. No experience necessary.
  • Level 2 (6+ years, girls only) – By invitation only.
  • Prep 3 (6+ years, girls only) – By invitation only.
  • GGA Competitive Team B
  • GGA Competitive Team A