Kids’ Zone Before / After School Care

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The Kids’ Zone program is a cooperative program between Geneva School District and Geneva Park District available to students in grades K-5 who attend Fabyan, Harrison, Heartland, Mill Creek, Western and Williamsburg Elementary Schools. This is a recreational-based program at the students’ elementary schools that provides care before and after school, and includes snack, homework time, and a variety of activities from sports, crafts, team building, group games, and more.

2022-23 KZ Registration Info and Form

2022-23 Detailed Participant Profile Form

Program Philosophy
Kids’ Zone provides opportunities for all participants to develop a positive self-image through experiences in a fun, friendly, structured, and safe environment. Participants will develop their social skills through interaction and different activities including problem solving, teamwork, and following basic directions. This program creates a stimulating environment where children are able to choose their own activities and projects that allow them to learn and grow at their own rate. Our goal is to provide a program that strongly supports the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. “Character Counts” and benefits of a healthy lifestyle are also incorporated in all aspects of Kids’ Zone.

Safety Protocols

  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting common areas and equipment
  • Staff continues to communicate with parents any updates and changes
  • Staff and participants are welcome to wear masks if they wish
  • Staff and participants follow all social distancing guidelines
  • Additional staff training on all safety information and protocols

A basic daily schedule will be followed that includes physical and team building activities, arts and crafts, games and homework time. Please note that snacks will not be provided by Kids’ Zone.  Please pack an afterschool snack for your child daily. Also, please send them with a reusable water bottle. Schedules will vary based on the needs of children and space available. Kids’ Zone is available before school from 6:30 – 8:00 am and after school from 2:15 – 6:00 pm. For more information, please call 630-232-4542.


Parents!  Please refer to the Red Resources Box on the left side of the page for the registration and other forms

  • Registration for the upcoming school year is always in the Geneva Park District’s Spring Program Guide, available in late February.
  • Registration for Kids’ Zone may be done in-person, by mail, e-mail, or by fax. Online and phone registration are NOT available.
  • A  $50 non-refundable registration fee per participant is due at time of registration.
  • Participants must turn in all necessary paperwork and fees by the Wednesday prior to the week they wish to begin attending.
  • For registration after the school year has started, please check with Geneva Park District for specific availability at each school.
  • All children must be toilet trained and able to manage their own toileting needs.
  • Please let us know if your child is in need of any special accommodations as soon as possible so we can make the appropriate accommodations to assist them.

Special Kids’ Zone Registration Reminder: Registration packets received after August 1 will be placed on a waitlist and may not be eligible until September 12, provided space is available.

NOTE: The parent/guardian whose enrolled the child will be the only person allowed to make changes regarding attendance, add or remove authorized person from the emergency form, or receive any information regarding billing and payments. Also, only people on your child’s emergency form will be able to sign your child out of the program. Authorized pick-ups may be made by high-school-aged family/friends, however, they must be able to show a current photo ID.

Payment Information
Payment is due in full. You may pay the tuition in full at the time of registration or sign up for EZ pay (annual tuition is divided into 9 monthly installments); automatic monthly payments are processed from credit or debit card. Please see registration packet for details.

Institute Days and School Holidays
Days off of school are not included in the Kids’ Zone monthly fees. However, on many of these days we do offer camps and day-off trips that you can sign up for.

D304 School Calendar of Institute Dates & Holidays

SchoolNewsletter & CalendarAdditional Info
Fabyan September 26 - October 7
Harrison September 26 - October 7
Heartland September 26 - October 7
Mill Creek September 26 - October 7
Western September 26 - October 7
Williamsburg September 26 - October 7

Extracurricular After School Activities

Children may take part in extracurricular activities held at their schools (scouts, clubs, etc.). To do this, a parent must notify the Site Coordinator in writing by completing an “Extracurricular Activity Form” for each activity the child will be attending. These forms are available at each site. The person in charge of the extracurricular activity is responsible for bringing the child back to Kids’ Zone at the end of the activity.

Homework Policy

There is 30 minutes of scheduled quiet-time each day for homework. Please note: it is not Kids’ Zone’s responsibility to ensure that any child does their homework. The staff is happy to remind and encourage your child that it is time to do their homework, but staff will not force them to do so. The staff is not there to tutor or work one-on-one with your child on their homework. This program has been designed to be a fun, recreational program. We want to make sure to keep that energy and not let it become an extension of the school day. It is important for the kids to be able to participate in the activities planned because the benefits of recreation are endless!

Discipline Policy

It is our philosophy for discipline to teach participants to take responsibility for their own actions. We try to accomplish this through using specific directions, redirecting a child, positive reinforcements, motivation, and leading by example. Since each participant has different ways of learning, several different methods may be used.

Dispensing Medication Policy

Strict policies have been put in place regarding the dispensing of medication to participants. These policies must be followed if a participant is required to receive medication while in the program. This includes restrictions for any over the counter medications (including cough drops and pain relievers) and any prescription medication. Parents/Guardians are required to complete a “Request to Administer Medication Form” for any and all medication to be administered to participants by Kids’ Zone staff or by the participants themselves. This form requires a physician’s signature.

  • All medication is required to be in the original container whose prescription label must include patient’s name, physician’s name, pharmacy name, name of medication and complete dosage information.
  • Each day the proper dosage should be sent in the original container. If original container is not available, parent should try to obtain a new one from physician or pharmacy.
  • Parent/Guardian must sign and complete a “Request to Administer Medication” form. This form requires a physician’s signature.
  • Medication will be stored in a secure area at temperature consistent with package instructions.
  • Participants must have a medical release form for medication such as inhalers and Epi-pen.
  • With the exception of Epi-pens and inhalers, only oral medicine may be administered. Staff may not dispense suppositories or shots (diabetic).

Special Needs Accommodations

The Geneva Park District believes in the right to an excellent recreational experience for all individuals from all backgrounds and ability levels. If your child has any special medical, physical, psychological and/or emotional needs or receives special services from the school district, please list in detail on the registration materials. Lack of communication may adversely affect the park district’s ability to accommodate the needs of your child. Please allow at least two weeks for all requests.